Agatha Winderbottom

Mutated Moora, with a curious automaton friend.


Nicole Krammer

Legacy – Belonging

Agatha just wants to find a place where she belongs.


Once-exiled, mutated Moora, a part of the Ascended uprising.

The Awakening of Bartholomew. Young Agatha, lost and alone, crafted herself an automaton friend. To her surprise, it came alive, and Bartholomew was born. Little did she know, it had merely become a vessel for one of the Rakyr Gnosephalem.
Key People – The Rakyr Gnosephalem

Uprising of the Ascended. As those mutants exiled to the planet Blight rose up to liberate themselves from captivity, Agatha was among them. She escaped with a good crew of mutants, ready to start a new life.
Key People – Glaxx, fabled hero of the Ascended uprising.

The Blackout. When one of the others in her mutant crew spoke out against her “creepy” automaton friend, Agatha blacked out. When she awoke, her entire crew had been brutally murdered.
Key People – The Witness, the only one to escape with the truth of what had happened.

Boons & Burdens

Bartholomew – Rank 2 Ally

An automaton of Agatha’s own making, which has become a vessel for one of the Rakyr Gnosephalem.
Corruption – Rank 1 Burden – Bartholomew’s presence provides a constant source of corruption in Agatha’s life.

Mutation – Rank 1 Gift

Though they were the cause of her exile, Agatha’s mutations are powerful tools. Three mutations have manifested thus far: adhesive pads on her hands and feet, sharp quills down her back, and the peculiar ability to negate the effect that gravity has on her.
No Burden yet…

Worldweaving – Rank 1 Gift

Agatha was born with the unique Eldritch Power of Worldweaving, the ability to shape the world around her.
No Burden yet…


Physical 5 • Mental 3 • Social 2 • Astral 6


Worldweaving 2

Engineer 2, Craft 2, Transmute 2

Rakyr Gnosis 2

Rage 2, Violence 2, Ruin 1

Dexterity 2

Adhesive Pads 1, Grav-Neg 2

Quills 2

Defense 1, Shooting 1, Frighten 1

Streetwise 1

Pickpocket 1, The Underground 1

Survival 1

Foraging 1

Perception 1

Observation 1


Automatons – Rank 2

Astral | +1 Power, +1 Dice
While Bartholomew is the only automaton of hers to come alive, she has made many others.
Mischief – Rank 1 Burden – These automatons aren’t entirely under her control.

Trusty Metal Bar – Rank 2

Astral | +2 Dice
A trusty bar of metal, always available for worldweaving.
? – Rank 1 Burden – ?.


Agatha Winderbottom

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