Cao Cao

Rogue Spy | Double Agent?


Ryan Huff

Legacy – Deception

Posing as a human, Cao Cao is secretly working toward Human Solidarity, but may have his own motives, including why he works for Black White Grey, a human politician. (The Human Solidarity movement wants galaxy dominated by Humanity.)


bioMechanoid Humanist, with a Human Exoskeleton

“Parents” turned him into a bioMech agaisnt his will. He Found a group of like bioMechs who embrace both Human and bioMech background.
Key People – Dreg Spenco, another bioMech

Found Human sympathizers who gave him a human skin exoskeleton, installed over his bioMech body. The Human Sympathizes were for Humanists.
Key People – Black White Grey, a human political leader with ulterior motives — the quest for immortality.

Caught & enslaved. Helped by fellow slave Faishi, Lu Bu. They escape together. Despite being a Humanist, he is loyal to Lu Bu.
Key People – Lu Bu, Legendary Bad-A.

Boons & Burdens

Deep Knowledge – Rank 2 Gift

Brain has been uploaded with the Astral Science of Quantum Destination.
Skepticism – Rank 1 Burden – Has hard time relying on “magic.”

Persuasion – Rank 1 Gift

Innate understanding of how to manipulate others.
Lack of Faith – Rank 0 Burden – Doesn’t trust most people.

Deep Rock – Rank 1 Ally

Human Informant
Betrayal – Rank 0 Burden – Betrayal is likely.


Physical 5 • Mental 5 • Social 4 • Astral 2


Streetwise 2

Urban Navigation 1, Blending In 1

Ranged Combat 2

Guns 1, Sniping 1

Perception 2

Awareness 1, Estimation 2

Strength 2

Endurance 2, Brawn 1

Melee Combat 2

Dirty Fighting 1

Quantum Destination 2

Syntax 1


Compacting Rifle – Rank 4

Physical | +4 Dice
Highly Accurate, long-range rifle that can compact to a portable size.
Reload Delay – Rank 2 Burden – Very long reload time. (Suggestion from Scott: How about making it a long recoil time?)

Arena Armor – Rank 6

Physical | +4 Armor, +2 Dice
Heavy armor to protect human exoskeleton.
Heavy – Rank 3 BurdenIt’s heavy, hindering mobility.

Cerebral Port – Rank 4

Mental | +2 Power, +2 Dice
Direct interface with computer systems.
Blow Cover – Rank 2 Burden – May reveal true nature as a bioMech. (Suggestion from Scott: That’s not bad, but I don’t know how often that could come up. It’s sci-fi, so this sort of technology might be more common than you think.)

Intimidation – Rank 6

Social | +2 Power, +4 Dice
Intimidating look, can prevent fights or weaken enemy resolve.
Scary – Rank 3 Burden – Scares people off, including allies, sometimes.

bioCore – Rank 4

Physical | +4 Dice
bioMechanoid crystalline bioCore enhances overall physical performance.
Immortal Delusions – Rank 2 Burden – Lacks sense of danger for others.


Cao Cao

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