Damon David Darrel Diamond

Brilliant Corporate Tycoon



Colby Page

Legacy – Ultimate Peace Through Economics

Expand corporate empire and nanite hacking net eventually to use economics to end all war. But at what cost?


Brilliant human economist and inventor, and the heir to diamondCorp.

Through several years of childhood, he saw the destruction of the Rending. His older brother, the heir to the family, died in a tragedy.
Key People – Brother, Danial

Teenage and young adult years were spent as a spoiled rich kid. His family suppressed the war years, but Dee quietly did not forget.
Key People – Father, Diggory

With the disappearance of his Father, Dee became the Heir to diamondCorp. He decided to travel the galaxy, “selling inventions.” His real plan was to build and expand his nanite network.
Key People – Current CEO of diamondCorp, Georg

Boons & Burdens

Nanites – Rank 2 Gift

Dee’s own invention, these nanites can repair body parts, hack into computers, and build objects from other matter.
Nanite Mischief – Rank 1 Burden – The nanites are unpredictable, and may act on their own.

Energy Core

A device Dee uses to boost the power output of technology.
No burden yet . . .


Physical 2 • Mental 6 • Social 5 • Astral 2


Nanite Control 2

Hacking 2, Human Building 1, Object Building 1

Computers 2

Hacking 2, Piloting 2, Shooting 2

Engineering 2

Creation 2

Persuasion 2

Charisma 1, Impersonation 1

Combat Skills 1

Never Getting Shot 1

Athletics 1

Using Gravity Tech 1

Knowledge: Geography 1

Economics 2

Commerce 2

Scheming 1


Trusting Face – Rank 4

Social | +2 Dice, +2 Power
Dee just has that trustworthy look.
??? – Rank 2 – “When trust is not good” … what’s that supposed to mean?

Energy Shield – Rank 4

Physical | +4 Dice
Personal energy shield to deflect incoming objects.
Overload – Rank 2 Burden – High energy output can easily lead to overload.

Computer-Assisted Electric Ray – Rank 6

Physical | +3 Dice, +3 Power
Dee’s custom-designed, non-lethal electric ray, capable of stunning folks.
Whoops… – Rank 3 Burden – It’s awfully unpredictable.

antiGrav Subdermal Plates – Rank 6

Physical | +3 Dice, +3 Armor
Subdermal armor that is enhanced with gravTech.
gravFlux – Rank 3 Burden – Gravity is a powerful force, and can be unpredictable.

Cerebral Port – Rank 6

Mental | +3 Dice, +3 Power
Direct interface with computer systems.
Vulnerable Brain – Rank 3 – Such a direct uplink leaves Dee’s mind vulnerable to hacking attempts.

Spiffy Clothes – Rank 2

Social | +2 Armor
They look nice.
Stands Out – Rank 1 Burden – It’s hard to go unnoticed when you look so good.


Damon David Darrel Diamond

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