Lu Bu

Slave Gladiator


Brian Ryerse

Legacy – Bloodlust

Lu Bu lives for battle.


Orphaned Faishi, raised in an arena.

As a child, he witnessed his parents’ death, at the hand of the zealous Aos’Hajaar
Key People – (none written, but I’d recommend it be the Aos’Hajaar who was responsible for their death.)

As a slave in the arena, Lu Bu sucked at fighting, so he was trained by Handor, the head gladiator.
Key People – Handor

Lu Bu met Cao Cao, and together they escaped the slave arena.
Key People – Cao Cao

Boons & Burdens

Slave Brand – Rank 2 Gift

The slave brand is designed with advanced technology to increase a gladiator’s endurance, allowing for prolonged fights.
Recovery – Rank 1 Burden – Use of the slave brand’s power requires longer times to recover, before being able to fight again.

Handor’s Dagger – Rank 1 Item

A gift from Handor, this dagger grants its bearer additional strength.
No Burden yet…


Physical 6 • Mental 3 • Social 3 • Astral 2


Defense Mastery 2

Evasion 2, Weapon Parry 2

Melee Combat 2

Axes 2, Wrestling 2

Strength 2

Brawn 2, Endurance 2

Willpower 2

Discipline 2, Ignore Distractions 2

Intimidation 2

Frighten 2, Physical Intimidation 2

Strategy 2

Tactics 2, Battlefield Logistics 2


Magma Axe – Rank 4

Physical | +4 Power
An axe that is wreathed in flame.
Fire – Rank 2 Burden – Fire just might burn him…

Thick Skin – Rank 5

Physical | +4 Armor, +1 Dice
His natural Faishi hide and carapace protects him from harm.
Slow – Rank 3 Burden – His speed is not that impressive.

stormSpear – Rank 4

Physical | +4 Power
Spear that shoots out electric bolts.
Inaccurate – Rank 2 Burden – The electric bolts are not very accurate unless at very close range.

Physically Intimidating – Rank 5

Social | +3 Dice, +2 Power
This hulking beast is just a bit scary.
Scary – Rank 3 Burden – At times a bit too scary.

Natural Regeneration – Rank 6

Physical | +3 Armor, +3 Dice
He has the naturally fast regeneration, including the regeneration of some limbs.
Strength Drain – Rank 3 Burden – Such regeneration draw energy from the rest of his body, reducing his strength.


Lu Bu

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