Factions – The Age of Glory

Sanctarchy of Balaat
Minon Confederacy
Vagrant Fleet
Gatarad Enclave

Factions – The Age of Strife

Sanctarchy of Balaat – A remnant of its former glory; clinging to their former domain.
Naiarchy of Hakut – A remnant of of Sanctarchy of Balaat; an alliance of worlds, simply seeking order.
Abbak-Ot Foundation – A remnant of Sanctarchy of Balaat; worlds reunited under the leadership of one of the former Holy Empire’s largest corporations.
Aos’Maedan – A remnant of the Aos’Ashai; seekers of redemption, in the stars.
Aos’Hajaar – A remnant of the Aos’Ashai; bitter crusaders, seeking vengeance.
Devoted of Minos – A remnant of the Minon Confederacy; refusing to acknowledge the fall of their government.
Coalition of Therius – A remnant of the Minon Confederacy; a coalition of worlds rallied together under new leadership.
Nexus – A remnant of the Minon Confederacy; a blossoming empire, ruled by Biomechanoids.
Vagrant Warzone – After sixty years of absence, the Vagrant Fleet has returned, but is embroiled in its own civil war.
Gatarad Protectorate – A sanctuary for those who cannot protect themselves.
Astros Ultium Cabal – A secretive organization, seeking power through the Astroleum.
Final Renaissance – A scholarly organization, seeking to redeem the galaxy through knowledge.
Hordes of Uldaresh – Opportunistic raiders, plundering a defenseless galaxy.
The Ascended – A union of mutants and worse, seeking to reclaim a galaxy that rejected them.
Azoxian Clans – With the fall of the Great Swarm, remaining Azoxians are divided into a thousand clans.
Eko-Djalba – The Ekoi have chosen to emerge from their homeworld, and claim a divided galaxy.


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