Dominant Species

The Dominant Species are those who have an organized presence in the interstellar community and have claimed at least one planet outside of their home world.

Altyri – Vengeful crusaders, who have had their sacred home world reduced to ash.
bioMechanoids – Living people, entombed in robotic bodies.
Ekoi – Nimble and cunning, often known for being shrewd merchants. For centuries, they have harbored a great secret.
Endrai – Though they once commanded the most powerful empire, they are now reduced to a fragment of their former glory.
Faishi – Savage hunters from a world of predators; they were thrust forward into civilization before they were ready.
Human – Their home world long forgotten, their new empire shattered. They struggle to survive in this strange and dangerous galaxy.
Junkrat – Small, rodent-like creatures with boundless enthusiasm. And they’re everywhere.
Kroll – For over a hundred thousand years, they toiled in slavery to immortal tyrants. Only recently, have any of these brutish fellows been able to taste freedom.
Moora – Cold and calculating, the Moora are excellent tacticians. While diminutive in stature, their grasp on technology sets them ahead.
Parlanz – With an affinity for the Eldritch Realms, they are wise and often mysterious.

Minor Species

The Minor Species are those who have yet to claim and worlds outside of their home world, nor do they have much of an organized presence in the interstellar community.

Baara – The first species Ascended by the Moora.
Melokov – A species Ascended by the Moora.
Grii – Towering amphibians with an array of additional senses.
Zhtal – A species Ascended by the Moora.

Lost Species

The galaxy can be an unforgiving place. On many accounts, it has seen the rise and fall of entire civilized species.

Goln – Exterminated during the Rending.
Mehedar – Exterminated during the Amoloth Wars.
Vosr – Exterminated during the Amoloth Wars.
Alatala – Exterminated during the Eo’Shodos Crusade.
Te’ev – Exterminated during the Rending.
Macan – Exterminated during the Rending.
Absoli – Exterminated during the Eo’Hajaar Crusade.


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