Coalition of Therius


With the onset of the Rending, the Minon Confederacy was put into a difficult position. It was the only faction with enough power to avoid being bullied into helping out one side or the other. They made great efforts not to intervene. However, they were currently going through their own trials. The Arch-Sister Prime Nathara Veinne had been making an attempt at siezing all power in the Confederacy, taking it from the business-owners. Her plan was nigh unto fruition, but with the onset of the Rending, the spotlight shifted from her anti-business rhetoric to the imminent threat of war. Arch-Sister Naomi Durn, of the planet-state of Therius, opposed the Arch-Sister Prime, arguing that this was a time in which the entire Confederacy must be strong, or they would be overwhelmed by the rising tides of war.

Furious that she was losing ground, the Arch-Sister Prime became desperate for a way to seize power. It was then that she made a dark pact with an unknown power, being promised that she would rule the stars. This pact plunged the entire planet of Minos into darkness, and the Confederacy was shattered.

While many of the Arch-Sisters were lost on Minos, Arch-Sister Naomi Durn and most of her supporters were safe. As the Confederacy threatened to fall apart, Durn took swift action, and made efforts to hold it together. It was evident, however, that the Confederacy was lost. It would no longer function as it once had. Without Minos to hold it together, the planet-states had developed varying ideals, which were at odds with each other. Many of them leaned in the direction that the Arch-Sister Prime had been leading them. They would rather rely upon the absolute control of the Carmine Sisterhood, than to risk putting their security on the line with the private sector. Furthermore, there were prominent figures that were urging the people along with these ideas. The Cult of Minos arose, with priests who convinced the people that they must look to the planet Minos for survival, teaching that the shroud over Minos was a mere trial, and when the Arch-Sister Prime emerged from this trial, she would be a glorious power, able to protect all of mankind. Entire worlds followed this cult, and Arch-Sister Durn knew that she would not be able to win them back.

Durn forsook her title, proclaiming the end of the Carmine Sisterhood, and the Arch-Sisters. She believed that the only ones who could really hold the planet-states together were its people, the business-owners, the private sector. However, ther other Arch-Sisters did not share her sentiments. Instead, they each sought to secure their own planet-states, dividing the Confederacy even further. Throughout the Rending, the planet-states were on their own, each trying to fend of the dangers that assailed them. Durn labored diligently to unite them, but to no avail. As the Rending worsened, she knew she had to take action, and she began to follow a path similar to the Arch-Sister Prime – she made a pact with an immortal.

Few know the details of what exactly happened to Naomi Durn. She traveled to an interstellar shrine, ancient ruins drifting in space, and she did not return. Many report a flash of brilliant light, however, which made the shrine light up like a star. On that day, dozens of girls were born, throughout the remaining planet-states, with a shimmering blue mark upon their backs; it was the official seal of Naomi Durn. Each of these girls grew into women of power, taking their place as the rulers of what remained of the Minon Confederacy. Each one became the High-Lady of a planet-state, and under their rule, the Coalition of Therius was formed, a stable power, rising from the ashes of the Rending.

Social Structure

Coalition of Therius – Example Origin Bonuses

Skills: Combat, Commerce, Diplomacy, Exploration, Streetwise

Coalition of Therius

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