Devoted of Minos


When the capital planet-state, Minos, was consumed in darkness, many believed that the Minon Confederacy was lost. Many of the Arch-Sisters were lost, and the others were divided as to how they should proceed. While many lost their faith in the Confederacy, there were some who believed it would continue on. Beginning in the Richter system, a movement formed. The Cult of Minos.

The Cult of Minos taught that the planet of Minos was not lost, the Arch-Sister Prime, Nathara Veinne, had not brought ruin upon it with her ritual. Rather, it was in a state of metamorphosis. The old Minos, before the Rending, was gone, but a new one would rise from the ashes. Minos was ascending.

Just as their capital planet-state was being made anew, their social structure needed to be made anew. The old ways, the misguided notion of putting trust and power in the business-owners, was gone. Their way of life needed to evolve, and the people needed to put their trust in a greater power; that power was being formed on Minos. It was up to the people, the devoted of Minos, to pave the way for its ascension.

In the latter years of the Rending, the Cult of Minos spread from the Richter System, out through many of the Planet-States of the Minon Confederacy. In glorious revolution, the private sector, the business-owners with their misguided Oath of Enterprise, had the power taken from them. Power was now in the hands of the Cult of Minos, who were self-proclaimed stewards of the planet-states, until their Ascended Leader had completed her metamorphosis.

Social Structure

Among those worlds that call themselves the Devoted of Minos, the way of life has changed, dramatically, since the days that they were the Minon Confederacy. The Feudal-Capitalism that had existed before, is no longer. The Cult of Minos, Stewards of the Confederacy, have taken control over the private sector. The Oath of Enterprise was not enough to keep the business-owners from falling to corruption; with the economy in the hands of the Cult of Minos, such corruption cannot happen again.

The people are taken care of by the Cult of Minos, who regulate work for everyone, regulate the economy, education, health, the military; they regulate everything. Things aren’t perfect, and many resources are scarce, but the Cult of Minos assures everyone that it is far better than the corruption and tyranny of the business-owners of old, who would profit on the misfortune of others. The Cult of Minos would keep everyone safe, as they await the emergence of Ascended Minos.

Devoted of Minos – Example Origin Bonuses

Skills: Commerce, cyberTech, Fine Craft, Knowledge, Willpower

Devoted of Minos

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