The Ekoi home world, Djalik, was actually a worldGate Hub for the Raj’kazin. When the Ekoi discovered how to activate the worldGates, they were already a fairly advanced civilization, although not starfaring. Through the gates, each world they discovered was home to more primitive race, and the Ekoi decided to take advantage of this. Eventually, though, they encountered a colony of the Sanctarchy of Balaat on one of these worlds. They recognized the superiority of the Sanctarchy, and didn’t want to give away the truth about themselves or their home world. They made it appear as though they were a primitive tribal people, who were native to that world. The Sanctarchy was eager to elevate this supposedly primitive race. However, everything that the Sanctarchy taught the Ekoi was secretly returned to the Ekoi homeworld. Through this, the Ekoi rapidly advanced their civilization, while the Holy Empire believed that they were manipulating an inferior species.

Many of the Ekoi were dispersed throughout the Sanctarchy, but they made sure to keep their homeworld safe and secret.
After the Rending, the Ekoi decided it was time to make their place in the galaxy, as there were now far fewer powers to oppose them. The location of their homeworld, however, remains a secret.


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