Eldritch Spheres

The Three Spheres

The powers of the Eldritch Realms are organized into three Spheres: Rahon, the Sphere of Mind; Anoch, the Sphere of Body, and Yvesh, the Sphere of Soul. At each tier, these three spheres have different meanings. At the Primary Ring, the three Spheres refer to the Sphere of Perception, the Sphere of Form, and the Sphere of Time. At the Secondary Ring, the three Spheres refer to the Personal Sphere, the Environmental Sphere, and the Energy Sphere. In the Tertiary Ring, the three Spheres are at their purest: Mind, Body, and Soul.

The Aetheric Sphere – Perception

Perceptions are the Mind of the Astroleum. Perceptions are the intangible result of the Mind processing the universe. Being intangible, they are not absolute truths. Perceptions are prone to fallacy. When the powers of the Aetheric Sphere come into play, the intangible nature of Perceptions becomes a powerful tool.

Personal – Arcane

Manipulation of the Senses of Body, Mind, and Soul.

  • Deception – The Manipulation of mental faculties, specifically in the alteration of thoughts, memories, and emotions.
  • Illusion – The Manipulation of physical senses, specifically in the alteration of the five senses.
  • Hex – The Manipulation of metaphysical senses, specifically in the alteration of abstract concepts such as luck or fate.

Environmental – Unknown

The distortion of reality.

  • Unknown – Manipulating the properties of systems.
  • Unknown – Manipulating the properties of objects.
  • Unknown – Manipulating the properties of theories.

Energy – Unknown


  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

The Runic Sphere – Form

Form is the Body of the Astroleum. Form is the true nature of things, solid and real. While perceptions of the Mind are unreliable, Form is infallible. Understanding the nature of Form – the shape, the structure, the function – grants great power.

Personal – Fleshweaving

Manipulation of the physical body.

  • Sculpt – Reshaping the body.
  • Fuse – Fusing foreign objects with the body.
  • Shift – Shifting the body into a form of energy.

Environmental – Worldweaving

Manipulation of the physical world.

  • Engineer – Modifying the function of an object.
  • Craft – Modifying the form/shape of an object.
  • Transmute – Modifying the nature of an object.

Energy – Forceweaving

  • Aesthetic Force – Controlling mental/emotional energy.
  • Physical Force – Controlling physical energy.
  • Astral Force – Controlling raw astral energy.

The Quantum Sphere – Time & Space


Personal – Synchronicity

Manipulation of a person’s connection to the flow of time.

  • MindSync – Manipulating the Mind’s place in time.
  • BodySync – Manipulating the Body’s place in time.
  • SoulSync – Manipulating the Soul’s place in time. This effects emotions, allowing them to be displaced in time. The effect could be used to attempt to alter the past through changed emotional states, or to put off emotions felt in the present.

Environmental – Locality

Manipulation of locations in space.

  • Observation – Manipulation of visibility in space. Allows the user to observe distant locations.
  • Transportation – Manipulation of locations in space. This is not actually moving the targeted person, but instead shifting the world around the target.
  • Empathy – Manipulation of emotional energy in space. This allows emotions felt in one place, to be felt elsewhere.

Energy – Destiny

Manipulation of the flow of time and the hand of fate.

  • Unknown
  • Syntax – Manipulating the order in which events take place.
  • Causality – Manipulating cause and effect.

Eldritch Spheres

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