Age of Emergence

1-1145 SE (Stellar Era)

  • 1 SE – The Endrai, in an effort to commune with their God-in-the-Star, Abbakot, launch their first spacecraft. This marks the dawn of the Age of Emergence, and the Stellar Era.
  • 86 SE – After harnessing the power of Abbakot, the Hiero-Sanctarch unifies the Endrai home world of Balaat under one rule, and the Sanctarchy of Balaat is formed.
  • 241 SE – The Altyri, having been embroiled in centuries long civil war, are united when one faction, the zealous faith of the Aos’Ashai activates and launches one of the many ancient, Amnathi vessels that are found on their home world, Par’Shaviin.
  • 418 SE – The Sanctarchy and Aos’Ashai make first contact with one another, outside what would later become the Pandrathal system. This encounter is handled peacefully, and they agree to a cultural exchange, that they may study and learn from each other.
  • 425 SE – The peaceful relationships between the two factions come to an end, as the Sanctarchy refuses to accept the faith of the Aos’Ashai. While there are violent skirmishes here and there, open war is avoided. Neither faction has the capabilities of maintaining an interstellar war, at this point.
  • 758 SE – The Aos’Ashai make first contact with the Azoxian Swarm. Communication does not come easily, and there is a significant amount of bloodshed. Ultimately, the two factions agree to keep their distance.
  • 816 SE – Several hundred Human ships arrive in the Al’Karai galaxy, refugees fleeing the Tragedy of Earth. They settle the planet of Minos, and surrounding systems, forming the Minon Confederacy.
  • 836-845 SE – The Aos’Ashai make first contact with the Alatala. The Alatala have attained a star-faring level, but this was through the aid of the Immortal Kholephet. Determining that Kholephet is a malign force of corruption, the zealous Avenger Shodos launches a crusade to destroy the Immortal. While the Eo’Shodos Crusade is successful in destroying Kholephet, it results in the total annihilation of the entire Alatala species.
  • 853 SE – First contact is made between the Sanctarchy and the Minon Confederacy. The Confederacy is still very weak, their resources stretched thin. The Sanctarchy offers its protection, and the Confederacy willingly accepts it.
  • 891 SE – The Sanctarchy makes first contact with the Moora of the Gatarad Enclave. The technologically advanced Enclave does not want anything to do with the Sanctarchy, and they have the defensive systems to keep the Sanctarchy out of their business.
  • 902 SE – The Sanctarchy makes first contact with the Junkrats, on their home world of Jakaala. They see great promise in the industrious creatures, and offer their protection. The Junkrats are made a part of the Sanctarchy, and their civilization is boosted to a star-faring level.
  • 946 SE – The Minon Confederacy discovers the Kroll, enslaved by powerful immortals on an artifact world. Many of the Kroll are rescued, but the threat that the immortals pose is enough to keep the Minon Confederacy from rescuing more than a few thousand.
  • 1003 SE – The Parlanz, in an attempt to escape the Traitor Crown, teleport their entire home wold, Adarun, into a previously barren star system, later renamed the Adari system, where they contact the Sanctarchy and request their protection.
  • 1089 SE – The Sanctarchy, though they had in the past been lax, in letting the the Minon Confederacy govern itself, made the demand that they convert to their faith in the God-in the Star, Abbakot, and swear loyalty to the Sanctarchy.
  • 1090 SE – Sensing the growing tension between the Minon Confederacy and the Sanctarchy, the Garlan Trade Company departs from the Confederacy, seeking refuge someplace safer. They end up becoming the Vagrant Fleet
  • 1091-1145 SE – When the Minon Confederacy refuses to give in to the Sanctarchy’s demands, the Rai-Man War is fought. Though outnumbered, the Minon Confederacy uses guerrilla tactics to make the war far too costly for the Sanctarchy. Eventually, the Sanctarchy gives up.
  • 1145 SE – The Minon Confederacy declares complete independence from the Sanctarchy. The Sanctarchy, meanwhile, tightens its rule on all others that are subservient to it. The declare their territories to be the Sanctum Strand, the greatest empire in the galaxy. This act signaled the end of the Age of Emergence

Age of Glory

1145-1620 SE (Stellar Era)

  • 1145-1220 SE – The Aos’Ashai, feeling threatened by the vastly increased size and power of the Sanctarchy, begins to take defensive measures, working on creating a vast armada. Much of the labor was performed by more primitive races that they had pressed into their service.
  • 1183 SE – The Sanctarchy makes first contact with the Faishi, on their home world of Fer-tai-shiida. Although they at first assume they are little more than feral tribes, the Sanctarchy soon discovers that the Faishi have a surprisingly complex culture. They begin the process of bringing the Faishi civilization up to a star-faring level.
  • 1245 SE – The Sanctarchy makes first contact with the Ekoi, believing them to be little more than a primitive, tribal species. They are unaware that on the far end of the galaxy, the Ekoi have a thriving civilization. This begins the Ekoi’s Great Deception.
  • 1256 SE – Seeing the might of the Aos’Ashai’s armada, the Azoxians work on improving their relations with the growing power.
  • 1385 SE – The bioMechanoids are created by Kylan Industries.
  • 1389 SE – The secret of the bioMechanoids is exposed, and they are exiled to a planet that they later name Nexus.
  • 1602 SE – The Sanctarchy’s God-in-the-Star, Abbakot, is roused from his long slumber, and demands an offering from the Sanctarchy, that his power may return. This offering must come in the form of a star, on which he will feed.
  • 1614 SE – After twelve years of preparation, the Sanctarchy has prepared a device that allows their God-in-the-Star to devour the energy of another star. A star in a barren system is chosen, so that no lives may be lost in the event. The energy of the star is consumed, and it is left a withered husk.
  • 1615 SE – Infuriated by the destruction of the star, the Aos’Ashai declare the Sanctarchy to be heretics of the worst degree. They warn that there may be no repentance for the sin they have committed.
  • 1620 SE – Having made a powerful alliance with the Azoxians, the Aos’Ashai launch an assault on the Sanctarchy, to punish them for their ultimate sin. The Age of Glory is brought to an end, and the nightmarish Rending begins.

The Rending

1620-1672 SE (Stellar Era)

  • 1620 SE – The vast Redemption Fleets of the Aos’Ashai, bolstered by mercenaries from the Azoxian Swarms, make the initial assault on the Sanctarchy. This Redemption Fleets were intercepted on the outskirts of the Pandrathal system, the very system whereat the two species made first contact with one another. It was a brutal battle, but it was only the first of countless battles to come.
  • 1622 SE – The Vagrant Fleet, feeling pressure on all sides to join the fight, instead chose to flee. The entire fleet disappeared, last seen somewhere near the Amoloth Veil.
  • 1631 SE – The Third Redemption Fleet is able to make it to the Balaat system, capital of the Sanctarchy. The fleet bombards the Endrai home world, causing severe damage. It is eventually pushed back..
  • 1634 SE – The Parlanz home world of Adarun is once again transported across the galaxy, by a powerful ritual. Seven other planets are transported as well. Each one is relocated to a the Leffalem System, out near the Kastes Tower.
  • 1639 SE – The Eight Redemption Fleet breaks through Sanctarchy defenses, and commences the Second Bombardment of Balefore. The Sanctarchy is able to push them back sooner, and the damage is less severe.
  • 1642 SE – Due to internal conflicts, the Azoxian Swarm withdraws from the fight.
  • 1648 SE – Seeking additional allies, the Sanctarchy requests aid from the Gatarad Enclave. The Enclave refuses, so the Sanctarchy sends a small fleet to force the Enclave into assisting them in the war. This fleet is entirely disabled by the advanced defensive systems that protect the Enclave. The Sanctarchy agrees to leave the Enclave alone.
  • 1653 SE – The Minon Confederacy, long resisting involvement in the war, was plunged into chaos as the Arch-Sister Prime, Nathara Veinne, enacted a dark ritual, which enveloped the planet of Minos in darkness. Following this, many of the divided planet-states of the former Minon Confederacy joined the fight. Many refrained, however.
  • 1656 SE – The Cult of Minos emerges and quickly seizes control over many of the planet-states of the former Minon Confederacy. These soon become known as the Devoted of Minos.
  • 1657 SE – Frightened by the growing influence of the Cult of Minos, the former Arch-Sister Naomi Durn performs a ritual in an ancient stellar shrine, that results in the birth of the Daughter-Heirs.
  • 1658 SE – The Third, Fifth, and Eleventh Redemption Fleets make it to the Balaat System, and commence the Third Bombardment of Balefore, this time with devastating results. While still inhabitable, the home world of the Endrai is in ruins.
  • 1658 SE – Dozens of systems on the far end of the Sanctum Strand cut communication with the rest of the Sanctarchy.
  • 1659 SE – Desperate to get revenge on the Aos’Ashai, the Sanctarchy draws upon the full might of their God-in-the-Star, Abakkot, bringing forth the titan, Rakkanot. the titan assaults Par’Shaviin, the sacred homeworld of the Altyri, the religious and political center of the Aos’Ashai. The planet is ravaged by destructive powers, and eventually shattered into a dozen fragments.
  • 1660 SE – Lamenting the loss of their sacred home world, many of the Aos’Ashai give up on the war, retreating to monastic worlds to seek forgiveness for their sins. Those who do not follow this path, become even more set on vengeance.
  • 1661 SE – Several of the Sanctarchy’s most powerful leaders declare the use of the titan to be an abuse of power, and an unforgivable act. Over a dozen worlds declare secession from the Sanctarchy, and withdraw from the war.
  • 1663-1670 SE – Several worlds that were once under the protection of the Sanctarchy, but which were practically abandoned throughout the war, fall victim to various Warlords, each seeking to oppress the vulnerable planets.
  • 1665 SE – The Blade-Fiends, a powerful mercenary fleet that the Sanctarchy had been using in the war, decided that working for the dwindling empire was no longer profitable. They, instead, turned to raiding and looting those weaker planets that the Sanctarchy could not protect. They soon become known as the Hordes of Uldaresh.
  • 1668 SE – The Amemnoth system, one of the systems on the far end of the Sanctum Strand that had cut communications with the Sanctarchy, makes a return. An organization, known as the Abbak-Ot Foundation, declares itself the ruler of an alliance of several worlds that were once a part of the Sanctarchy, and offers protection to anyone who has lost confidence in the security offered by the Sanctarchy.
  • 1670 SE – Emerging from a long state of exile, the bioMechanoids begin a takeover of several worlds that once belonged to the Minon Confederacy. They offer redemption to the broken peoples, through a new era of the machine. Many worlds willingly accept them as their new leaders.
  • 1672 SE – The Ninth, Eleventh, and Twenty-Third Redemption Fleets, all that remained of the once mighty Aos’Ashai armada, make a final assault on the Sanctarchy. They are met by all that remained of the Sanctarchy’s armada. Once again, they do battle outside the Pandrathal system. In the end, both fleets are severely crippled. Neither are able to fight any longer, and they simply withdraw. This is the last battle of the great and horrible war.
  • 1672 SE – Agreed upon by the rulers of half a dozen of the new factions, a declaration is made that the war is over. Once viewed as a great Holy War, the truth of the matter is that it served no purpose other than to tear the galaxy apart. It was not a sacred war, it was not a war for redemption, it was not a war for any great ideals. It was a war the brought down mighty empires, and brought an end to centuries of relative peace. It was the Rending, and it was over.

Age of Strife

1672-Present SE (Stellar Era)

With the end of the Rending, the galaxy is in a sorry state. Those once mighty empires have fallen, divided into new factions, each struggling to control what was lost. Dozens of worlds have fallen prey to Warlords, individuals who seek to take advantage of the vulnerable state of the galaxy. The Hordes of Uldaresh roam the galaxy, looting and pillaging the weaker worlds. Worse, still, darker powers are returning, cultivated by the chaos of the Rending.

  • 1673 SE – The Gatarad Enclave, having long waited within its defensive position, sets forth from it’s stronghold. Now calling itself the Gatarad Protectorate, the one-weak faction is claiming those worlds that have been abandoned by the fallen empires, offering the protection of their superior might and technology.
  • 1674 SE – Each having come of age, the Daughter-Heirs are given control over the divided planet-states that remained of the Minon Confederacy. The Coalition of Therius is formed.
  • 1674 SE – The Ekoi, long having kept their home world a secret, declare an end to their Great Deception. They set forth with a formidable armada, which had secretly been developed over the centuries, and with the aid of their worldGate network, begin to conquer. For the most part, they are able to conquer worlds with little conflict: the galaxy is just too weak to put up a fight. The Eko-Djalba is born.
  • 1677 SE – Many of the worlds that had seceded from the Sanctarchy make an alliance, forming into the Naiarchy of Hakut. They are unified, in large part, by the looming threat of the Gatarad Protectorate.
  • 1679 SE – Outside the ruined planet of Par’Shaviin, those that remain of the leadership of the Aos’Ashai hold a council, to determine the future of their people. In the end, the Aos’Ashai is split into two major factions, the penitent Aos’Maedan and the vengeful Aos’Hajaar, with dozens of smaller splinter groups.
  • 1681 SE – From the Leffalem system, new faction is formed. The Astros Ultium Cabal, headed by the Parlanz, is a secretive faction, ruled by powerful masters of the Astral Arts.
  • 1682 SE – A union of five prestigious universities, once the finest in the Minon Confederacy, unite to form a new faction: the Final Renaissance. Their belief is that, through the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment, the horrors of the Rending can be washed away.
  • 1683 SE – Having been missing since the beginning of The Rending, the Vagrant Fleet makes its return. However, something is amiss. The fleet is now embroiled in a civil war. The fleet still travels as one, due to their reliance the Zhalim, but they are at war, nonetheless. They have become the Vagrant Warzone. Worse, still, is the news they bring of where they have been. For the duration of the Rending, they had journeyed to the other spiral arm of the Al’Karai galaxy. They had seen a powerful darkness, that would someday engulf the rest of the galaxy. Dark days were coming.
  • 1685 SE – Inspired by the growing power of Nexus, another faction arises out of the Blight system. Calling themselves The Ascended, the faction consists of mutants who had been exiled to the Blight system. They are far less powerful than Nexus, and the bioMechanoids are actually quite annoyed that the mutants keep comparing themselves to them. On numerous accounts, Nexus has made public statements refuting the idea that they have any similarity to The Ascended.
  • 1693 SE – The Present Age


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