System Features

Engineered Cosmos

Living Star

Inner Cauldron

Gravity Riptide

Primary Biosphere

Dust Cloud
Aonium Field
Planet – Sokot

Outer Reaches

Asteroid Cluster
Gravity Riptide


Origin – Unknown Formation
Body – Large
Gravity – Normal
Lesser Moon – Kopa
Lesser Moon – Eto
Atmosphere – Thin, Pure
Climate – Hot, Verdant
Landmasses – Many Continents

Territory 1 – Forest

Notable Species – These forests are home to the Phosos, an amphibious race of avians. They are at home on land, in the sea, and in the skies.

Oversized Flora – The forests are home to some truly immense flora, including trees that rise thousands of feet into the air, and flowers. These forests are scattered across the myriad archipelagos and islands that cover the great oceans of Sokot.

Territory 2 – Wasteland – The Breaking of Sokot

Desolate – No life may be sustained in the wastes. The broken ground is barren, void of any water source, and battered by storms.

Unusual Location – Situated at the Breaking of Sokot. The planet is actually breaking, coming apart in a radius around the mountains. A field of Quantum Energy, emanating from the mountains, is holding the fragments of these wastes in place, floating above the broken surface of the world.

Territory 3 – Unnatural Mountains – The Crown of Sokot

Astral Infusion – Quantum Energy Abounds. This energy is actually used to restrain the Breaking of Sokot, and prevent the entire world from being pulled apart.

Remnant of the Ancients – An ancient research station has been built into the mountains, the Crown of Sokot. The purpose of this station was to study the living star, Soroth. Some disaster, at this station, caused the Breaking of Sokot, thousands of years ago. The Quantum Field was put in place to prevent the spread of the Breaking. It is unknown exactly what the station was researching.


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